Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sushi, Carrie Bradshaw and Valet Parking

I bet you are wondering what these three things have in common?

Well, these among others, are some of the most ANNOYING recent trends.

1) Valet parking-- I realize that valet parking is not new, nor is isolated only to Texas, but I find irony in the growing number of valet parking sites in Dallas and Texas' overall obesity rate. Do we live in a city full of people too lazy to park their own cars and walk a distance to their destination. Do people not realize that when they choose to use valet parking they are contributing to exploitation of workers... Their emplyees are too cheap to pay them good wages so you as the parkee must tip to accomodate for the employees cheapness.

2) Sushi-- Everywhere you look, all over the country, countless twenty somethings are flocking to sushi bars and asian fusion restaurants. They proclaim the divinity of the food. I have had my share of various types of sushi and asian fusion food and it's alright, but definitely not worthy of a movement. Everywhere I go it's "sushi this" and "sushi that"'s fucking food...leave it be.

3) Sex and The City-- Ok, this show has been off the air for like three years's time for every female in between the ages of 18-32 to quit pretending they are Carrie Bradshaw.

4) The phrase "it is what it is"--- I hear more people say this phrase everyday and it really irks me. "Well, it is what it is..." No shit!! Let's try using active voice for once and refrain from the passive voice.

Call me cynical me old..but these are just a few current trends that really drive me crazy....feel free to copy and paste this and then creating your own list of "current trends that piss you off."


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