Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Ultimate Protest CD

I figured the best way to christen this new blog was to unveil my latest creation, the "Ultimate Protest CD." Every progressive should own a "Protest CD". Put it in when you have a friend in the car with you, play it at work, play it around your roommates. Music can give those yet-to-be-progressives the added boost they need to leave the "Dark Side" and come enjoy peace, harmony, and the American way.

Most of the songs I put on this CD are from the 60's. The "artists" of our day seem too scared to write "protest songs." Anyway, here we go.

1.) Almost Cut My Hair--Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: " I Feel like letting my freak flag fly...I'm not giving in an inch to fear..."

2.) Volunteers--Jefferson Airplane: "One generation got generation got sold...this generation got no destination to hold."

3.) Eve of Destruction--Barry McGuire: "The Eastern world/It is exploding/ Violence flaring/Bullets loading..."

4.) For What It's Worth--Buffalo Springfield: "There's something happening here/What it is ain't exactly clear/ There's a man with a gun over there/ Telling me ...I got to beware."

5.) Vietnam--Country Joe and the Fish: Perhaps the greatest lyrics ever..."Put down your books and pick up a gun...we're going to have a whole lot of fun"

6.) War--Edwin Starr: War? What is it good for? Absolutely ...NOTHING...tell them Edwin.

7.) San Francisco--Scott McKenzie: Take me to the Promise Land...the land of the Beats and Haight Asbury...the land of Berkley....this is my Mecca....all the "gentle people with flowers in their hair."

8.) Heart of Gold--Neil Young: "I want to live/I want to giver/ I've been a searcher for a heart of gold...."

9.) It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)--Bob Dylan: Can I quote the whole song?

10.) Subterranean Homesick Blues--Bob Dylan: "YOU DON"T NEED A WEATHERMAN TO KNOW WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWS."


12) We Won't Be Fooled Again--The Who: " I tip my hat to the new constituion/Take a bow for the new revolution"

13.) Aqaurius--The 5th Dimension: If you have never seen the musical Hair, this song probably doesn't mean much to you, but seeing it performed in the context of the musical, protesting another illegitimate war, and the finale when the chorus sings Let the Sunshine In,'s truly powerful. Rent the movie!

14.) Let's Not Shit Ourselves--Bright Eyes: The lone modern day addition to the CD....."Well I should stop pointing fingers/Reserve my judgement/For all those public action figures, the Cowboy President/So loud behind the bull horn/So proud they can't admit/When they made a mistake"

15.) Alice's Restaurant--Arlo Gutherie: When the Bush administration brings back the draft in the next year or so, go in front of your local draft board and sing them a chorus of Alice's Restaurant and see what happens.

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