Saturday, July 16, 2005

How Do You Read The Newspaper?

As long as I have been able to read, I have read the newspaper. It started as a kid reading the sports section to keep up with the baseball standings and soon grew to accomodate my interests in current events and the news.

Since high school, it has been my daily routine to read The Dallas Morning News and whatever small, East Town's I may have been living at the time daily newspapers over lunch. Living in East Texas, not many people read the newspaper at lunch. If they did, it was just the Sports section.

Working in downtown Dallas, I often eat lunch at large food courts and tend to take in a bit of "people watching" as I eat my lunch and read the newspaper. I watch with interest at the section each person reads first; I think it can tell you a lot about a person.

Personally, I start with the front page. I then turn to Page 3, which in the Dallas paper gives you all the latest celebrity gossip. After I've had my fill of Lindsey Lohan's love life, I go straight to the Op./Ed. section and look for letters from conservative writers that will anger me and make me laugh at the same time. By this time, I need something that will cool me down, so I go to the Sports section and read how the 3-4 defense will bury my beloved Cowboys further in the hole. After Sports? Texas Living--this is where Dallas-ites hide their Arts & Entertainment section, followed by the Metro section. I then go back and read section A completly. Finally, I turn to the business section.

For some reason, people who go to the Business section first really disgust me. I get so mad when I see someone sit down, pull out the Business section and discard the rest of the paper.

After lunch, I usually read the on-line version of the New York Times and Washington Post, but "hard news" and Op./Ed. only. I find the Sports section of the Times and Post to be mediocore at best. While the Times has the best Arts & Entertainment section in the world, I usually wait until I buy a hard copy of the Sunday Times to read that section.


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