Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Kids Are Not Alright!

I aim to keep my promise and write about the influence of the evangelical church on suburbia, but due to the recent student protests in Dallas, I’d like to first address the immigration issue.

I watched with disgust as thousands of area high school students walked-out of class and marched down to Dallas city hall.  I fully support the student’s right to peacefully assemble and protest, however, I expect anyone who protests to understand the concepts they protest.  Many of the students failed to understand the concepts at play in the immigration debate.  They know that many of their parents face possible jail time with the pending legislation, but they seem to overlook the fact that parents committed a crime, coming to the United States ILLEGALLY!  Furthermore, if any of the students are not citizens of the U.S., they do NOT have the constitutional right to assemble and protest.

It sickens me to see people march in our country, carrying another country’s flag, shouting chants like, “Viva Mexico!”  A TV news journalist asked a Dallas student why she carried a Mexican flag and not an American flag, the student replied that first she was a Mexican and she didn’t need an American flag, even though she was born in the States.  I say we don’t need people like her in our country.

A photo in Tuesday’s Dallas Morning News showed a Hispanic student draped in the American flag; the caption said that other Hispanic taunted this student because of the American flag.  I support free speech for American citizens, but if any the students that taunted her were not legal, they should immediately be arrested.

If you’re tired of the protests and want your voice heard, I invite you to join the “pro American” rally that will be held on April 9, 2006, at the Dallas City Hall.  On that day, thousands of immigrants are expected to march through downtown Dallas to city hall and the “pro American” rally was organized in response to this March.


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